2 days : 40€/motorbike
3 days : 60€/motorbike

Includesorganization of the event (preparation of itineraries, group supervision/guiding [moto & milongas], website) + shooting of the motorcycle rides and the final "souvenir" videos editing - with 2 NEW 4K cams

Please send an email to mastrotango@gmail.com

Motorbike Rental

Between individuals : Momoven (cheaper and more flexibility)
Agencies: MotoRent Valencia or RentalMotorbike
(with agencies, no possibility to return the bike on Sundays)


Please send an email to mastrotango@gmail.com



Route: see page "Maps
: "La Cultural" (21h-00h30) 


Route: see page "Maps"
Lunch: picnic
Milonga: "Del Club" (22h-01h30)


Route: see page "Maps"
Lunch: picnic
Milonga: "Dolce Vita" (19h-22h)

Terms & Conditions

  • For the riders, it is essential to master one's motorbike. The routes include many turns, which requires a certain amount of experience. There is also a bit of highway driving before you get to the back roads and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • It is strongly recommended to have a GPS (or Google Maps) for the trips between your hotel and the starting point of the routes.
  • Routes may be modified in case of bad weather or if the group is too tired. 
  • The meeting point/time is the same everyday. After 30 minutes of delay, the group will leave without waiting for the absent participants. Everybody will be provided with the detailed itinerary each evening.
  • Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety, and the Organizer cannot be held responsible for any accident or other inconvenience.
  • The Organizer strongly advises against the consumption of alcohol during motorbike rides.